Applicants who are first time renters or who do not have sufficient income may qualify by having the lease guaranteed by a guarantor. The guarantor must have a gross income of 4 times the market monthly rent and must meet all other qualifying criteria. The Guarantor must complete and sign a lease guaranty agreement. The lease may only be guaranteed by a resident's relative or employer.

Employment and monthly income must be verifiable with 3 most recent check stubs or 3 months of bank statements. Total monthly income must be 3 times the market rent. You must have 6 months verifiable employment history. Roommates must qualify separately. We are unable to use CASH income or notarized letters for verification purposes. Applicants who do not meet the income requirements will be denied without an approved guarantor and an additional $100 administrative fee.

Rental history is required. Applicants must not have any outstanding debt with a current or previous landlord. Applicants must not have any eviction judgments. If verification is required there will be an additional $50 administrative fee with approved verification. Unacceptable verifications will result in rejection or 1 month rent as deposit or guarantor plus an additional $100 administrative fee.

All bankruptcies must be more than 24 months old and dismissed or discharged. Foreclosures must be more than 24 months old.

Applicant(s) may be denied occupancy for the following reason(s):
  • Falsification of application by any occupant
  • Incomplete application by an applicant
  • Insufficient income (total of all occupants)
  • Felony convictions matched in the last 10 years or anything pertaining to a burglary, or violent crime against a person or property.
  • Serious Misdemeanors matched in the last 3 years.
  • Poor credit history of any applicant (credit reports are obtained); additional deposits and administrative fees may apply.
  • Poor rental profile of any applicant (rental histories are obtained) i.e., non-payment of rent, eviction, drug use, poor supervision of applicant's children/guest, unruly or destructive behavior by applicant, applicant's children or applicants guest
Credit Score:
  • 651 and over - Approved
  • 526-650 – 1 month rent as deposit required plus additional $50 administrative fee
  • 525 and under – Rejected without approved guarantor plus additional $100 administrative fee
  • CR-100 Negative credit reporting within the last 36 months – Additional $50 admin fee
  • CR-117 Utility debt within the last 36 months – Debt must be paid and an additional $50 admin fee
  • RI-400 Rental History – (2 late or NSF in past 24 mths, 1 eviction notice in past 24 mths, 1 eviction filed in past 48 mths, lease violations in past 84 mths). If verification is required an additional $50 admin fee will be required with approved verification. Unacceptable verification will result in rejection or 1 month deposit or guarantor plus an additional $100 administrative fee.

All applicants and on site transfers must qualify by these guidelines